Paintings are a wonderful decorative accessory for your home!

At Angela George Antiques there is always a good selection of antique paintings for sale.  I aim to provide a small but carefully chosen eclectic selection of paintings which will suit a variety of homes, whether you are looking for a painting to enliven your living space, with something eye catching and bold, or whether you are looking for a more thoughtful and reflective piece of art in, for example, the earthy hues of the 1950s.

Each mid-century modern oil painting has been chosen on its merits and can stand alone or blend in with an existing interior, creating and enhancing what is around it.

Mid-century oil paintings are popular today because they are relatively affordable and there are no limitations in terms of where they can be used, whether it be on a small wall or placed centre stage in a larger room.

What ties many works together is innovation and experimentation with shapes and colours and a slight tendency towards the abstract, with an emphasis on paint techniques,  Some of my most popular paintings are created using an impasto technique where the oil paint is applied thickly to create maximum dramatic effect and a sense of movement and vitality within the work.

Whatever catches your eye, be it the colour palette, shape and movement, an intriguing charismatic face in a portrait, or an inspiring landscape, paintings are all unique and add character and a fascinating extra dimension to your home.

Explore my current collection of mid century oil paintings that are now available to buy.