This large, unusual and rare portrait is very characterful and shows a wonderfully expressive and thoughtful face and has has a great deal of charm.

History ~
The painting dates from the late 1700s and is in its original frame. It is a provincial unattributed interpretation of the work of Charles-Andre van loo (1705 – 1765) who was the most famous member of a highly successful dynasty of Dutch painters and was named First Painter to Louis XV of France in 1762.

The portrait is of Lamoignon de Maresherbes (1721 – 1794). He was a French lawyer and politician, a moderate reformist royalist who supported Louis XV. When Louis XV was imprisoned he argued for the King’s life and broke the painful news to the King that he had been condemned.

Lamoignon de Mareshebres was himself arrested and along with his daughter, her husband, their children and his 74 year old sister, was guillotined in Paris in 1794.

The painting dates from very soon after this period and was most likely a celebration of Lamoignon de Mareshebres’s life and political sacrifice, painted by a sympathetic French royalist artist, who’s name is unknown.

Condition ~
Poor overall surface condition, various areas of wear to the canvas and paint loss. There are indentions and scratches to the original frame. There are no actual breaks in the canvas and it is complete.

Dimensions ~
H 92 x W 72 x D 7 cm, including frame.