Oil on board, a wonderfully atmospheric street scene, with winding narrow streets showing everyday life, as washing dries on balconies under a bright blue clear sky.  This painting authentically shows the beauty of old French towns, and is painted in a bold impasto style, using many clever brush strokes which combine to produce a memorable and evocative painting.

History ~
Signed Maurice Gottlob (1885 – 1970).   A celebrated ceramicist and artist, Maurice Gottlob has a permanent Museum of his works in Mougins, a small town outside Cannes in the South of France.

Born in Paris, Maurice Gottlob, from the age of 17, was an award winning sculptor.  However as a consequence of the suffering of  World War I his work become more austere and in 1924 he left Paris and decided to settle with his family in Provence, in Mougins, where he ran the Hôtel de France.  He settled in immediately and locals allowed him to paint what he saw in their town.  During this later phase in life his senses flourished and he produced some powerful and moving paintings, one of which is now for sale.

Condition ~
Various signs of wear shown in images to the frame, all original and in keeping with the age of the painting.

Dimensions ~

H 50 | W 37 | D 4cm