Wonderfully vibrant still life oil on canvas, skilfully painted using warm hues which creating an inviting slightly Bohemian atmosphere.

History ~
Emmy Leuze-Hirschfeld (1884 – 1973).

Emilie Leuze studied Art in Vienna and moved to France in 1905, where she married Emil Benediktoff Hirschfeld in 1906.  Following his death in 1922 she travelled to Spain and North Africa, and drew inspiration from these places in her later works and this is one of those paintings.  Circa 1930.

Emmy was invited to stand at various exhibitions, including ~

Grand Palais, Paris, 1907

Second International Woman’s Exhibition, Turin 1913

Salon of 1931, Paris

Salon of 1969, Paris

Condition ~
Good antique condition, later frame.

Dimensions ~
H 76 | W 60 | D 6  cm (including frame).