Wonderful pair of Folk Art pique assiettes, literally translated from French as ‘plate thief’, they are also known as Memory Ware.  The plates are a mosaic created by using shards of broken porcelain, glass and pottery, which have been carefully placed and set in plaster and then bronzed.  One plate has a central figure of a three dimensional Japanese woman’s face and the other plate has a raised flower design.  Both plates are surrounded by antique Victorian red velvet, which whilst faded is still a vibrant colour.  It is unusual to find a matching pair and they are charming decorative items.

History ~
France, circa 1880.

Condition ~
There is no damage to the plates themselves, all the shards are intact.  The face of the woman has had some paint loss to her nose but there are no chips, cracks or losses.  The velvet is very worn but not threadbare.

Dimensions ~
Each – Diameter of rim 34 | Depth 5 cm.