Antiques for your Garden

Garden antiques are a very versatile way of adding direction, focus, drama and charm to you garden.  Use them however you like, they always add visual value!  Be it in a traditional garden where beautiful antique jardinières full of flowering plants and shrubs draw the eye across a large space, or in a patio where a sculptural water feature may add definition and focus to a smaller space.

At Angela George Antiques there is a good variety of garden antiques that will enhance your outside space.  Some have a practical use, as well as being visually stunning, such as large antique copper planters, which are ideal for planting shrubs and even bay trees.  Alternatively there is a good collection of antique garden ornaments, such as gnomes, stone dogs and frogs which add a whimsical light hearted and cosy feeling to your garden.

For so many of us our gardens and terraces have now become an extension of our living space, the area where we spend much of our recreational time during the warmer weather.  They are ideal for entertaining friends and hosting meals during the summer and into autumn.  It is therefore not surprising that there is always interest in my decorative garden antiques as well as antique garden furniture, which needs to be both appealing to look at and practical to use, for example, antique garden tables and benches are always in demand, throughout the year.

Why not take a minute to visit Angela George Antiques and start planning your next activity in the garden!

Why Not Create Your Own Antique Reading Nook?

At Angela George Antiques there is a wonderful variety of antique dining tables and unusual occasional or side tables too.  Sometimes it is possible to pair these with a chair, in order to create a snug corner for reading or for using if working from home.  I recently acquired a nicely proportioned Napoleon III antique armchair, with delicate ebonised legs and original castors.  At the same time I found an Aesthetic Movement gypsy table, again with lovely ebonised legs.  By reupholstering both antiques in the same deep purple velvet from Designers Guild the pair now work very well together.

If you are thinking of creating a reading nook, maybe in a corner of a bedroom, hallway or landing this attractive antique armchair and table may suit you.  The Napoleon III armchair is a classic piece of French antique furniture.  There are several varieties to the standard design and this particular chair has many of the distinctive features the design is so loved for.  It has a comfortable deep seat and is made with traditional horse hair and springs, a chair you could comfortably sink into and relax in.  Similarly gypsy tables are always popular, harking back to a time in Victorian England when fortune telling was a fashionable pastime.   With this particular table I have managed to retain the original brass studs.

Sometimes it is possible to put other pieces of antique furniture together to create a useful pairing, such as matching antique chairs with big footstools to create a relaxing and comfortable combination.

Please visit my current collection of antique furniture to have a look at some of the options currently available, or contact me if you would like me to try and source a particular combination for you.

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