Antiques and interiors work well together and antique lighting is a good example.  It establishes the mood of an interior and can be used to create a warm and bright ambiance with a relaxed or cheerful feeling or it can add a sense of size or be used to define different parts of a room.

Combining different types of antique lighting will add layers of light and integrate your room, creating a harmonious overall design.  For example, specific task lighting such as desk lamps can be used to enhance localised light.  Currently, I have several antique desk lamps available, including an unusual German brass radiator from World War II which has been repurposed into a lamp and is a rare and unusual addition to your work space at home, with lots of decorative appeal.  Alternatively  you may want to highlight a particular part of a room or accent a favourite antique oil painting or some decorative antiques.  This can be achieved by positioning antique table lamps or standard lamps where they will throw off ambient light to draw your eye in a certain direction.

Choosing to work with antique lighting will allow you to bring functionality and aesthetics together.  You will get the benefit of high quality ambient light and fittings as well as adding personality and depth to your room.

With that in mind, there are some wonderful options currently available at Angela George Antiques. As well as a good selection of antique table lamps, there are several unusual pieces such as the unique Murano glass grape chandeliers featured here.  These are very popular, giving off a warm soft light whilst being incredibly pretty.  For more details on these and other unique and interesting lighting options that are available please visit the Antique Lighting page, in the Antique Furniture section.